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Worldwide Forklift is the Master Distributor for Tailift and World Lift Forklift Montacargas for all the United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands and Latin America. We ship used lift trucks and reconditioned forklifts to all 50 states in the U S. and anywhere in Latin America. We are located in Fort Lauderdale Florida and ship reconditioned lift trucks from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Additionally we have branches in Memphis Tennessee, Dallas Texas, Phoenix Arizona and Indiana. We have over 200 used and reconditioned forklifts including brands like Toyota, Clark, Nissan, Caterpillar, Yale, Hyster, TCM, Taylor, Crown, Daewoo, Wiggins, Hoist and many others. In South Florida we offer 24 hour service, lift truck technical support and a complete inventory of parts for all makes, models and brands of forklifts. In addition we have a complete forklift rental fleet of Gas, LP and Diesel powered trucks available by the day, week or month. Leasing is available for all lift trucks we sell subject to credit approval.

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Every three days, someone in the United States is killed in a forklift-related accident, and nearly 80 percent of forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 70 percent of all accidents reported could have been avoided with proper safety precautions. Despite the fact that employers and the industry are well aware of the dangers associated with forklift operations, many businesses fail to take appropriate measures to prevent such costly misfortunes. Many companies are installing Blue-Light LED devices that warn of an approaching forklift in operation.
When mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle, the bluelight projects a solid blue or red tightly focused spot on the floor, behind or in front (or both) of the vehicle. This unique light spot is clearly visible to pedestrians and other vehicles in the area,
alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.
This warning spotlight on the floor is particularly effective on forklifts exiting an aisle or a trailer. With the spot trailing in front or behind the forklift (or both); other vehicles or pedestrians in the intersecting aisle are warned of the close proximity of the forklift nearing the exit of the aisle. This blue or red spot gives a visual warning in addition to traditional back-up audio alarms. Traditional audio back-up alarms can blend into ambient noise in the building and pedestrians can become immune to the sound.
With the simple installation of safeguards, like the Blue light, forklift-related accidents can be significantly curbed. It is a company's responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees and pedestrians.  OSHA and your insurance company will recognize your commitment to safety if they see devices like this in operation at your facility.

The Blue Light-The latest craze in forklift safety and pedestrian accident prevention. 
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Forklift Safety Warning Signs.
Placing Forklifts in Operation signs can help you to avoid worker and visitor related accidents at your facility.  Signs should be strategically located at any intersecting points inside your location and at all entrances and exits leading to areas where forklifts are operating. They are inexpensive, easy to install and could save a life or prevent a serious accident on your premise.  

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Forklift Rain Covers
Keep your operators Safe and Dry.  Improve visibility to help prevent forklift accidents in your work place.  The rain guard comes in various sizes to accommodate any forklift.

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Cormack LP Tank Safety Valve.  Never burn your hands again!

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