Worldwide Forklift Reconditioning checklist
Reconditioned forklift checklist
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Forklift Recondition

WWF Reconditioning Checklist
1. Engine compression test with fluid & filter change.
2. Hydraulic system pressure test with fluid & filter change.
3. Brake inspection & repair as necessary.
4. Cooling system pressure test, inspection of hoses, belts, water pump & radiator.
5. Mast / upright system, inspection, shimming to adjust rollers. Check side shifter, replace wear pads as needed.
6. Steering system test and inspection for wear of all components. Grease and service of wheel bearings.
7. Electrical system test of all functions, starter, alternator, ignition system and lighting.
8. New Paint, OEM and safety decals installed.
9. New tires and new seat installed if that was the way it was sold or represented.
10. Final Inspection: Load tested and prepared for shipment to customer or transportation company.
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Reconditioned forklifts
We use 85% reconditioned products in our process
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