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One of the most important elements of reconditioning a forklift is doing a load test after replacing hydraulic hoses and repacking the various cylinders. You have to be assured the lift truck can actually lift the amount of load it is rated for.

For our small forklifts, we use specially designed steel boxes filled with metal to put the units through their load testing but what do you do when you need to load test a 20,000 Lb Marina Forklift?

You build a steel box, fill it with enough counter weights, get it certified on state scales and begin testing.

For our purposes, we are using a steel box weighing 20,092 pounds.

This Taylor Marina forklift was originally rated for 18,000 Pounds before we customized it.

We started out at a 24" load center and progressed through 48", 60", 72", 96" and finished up at a 108" load center.  At 108" the rear wheels finally showed signs of approaching non ground contact.  Our point was proven to the customer, especially since this forklift is only rated at 18,000 Lbs. 
Our customization efforts worked!
Used Taylor Marina Forklifts
At a 108" load center our rear wheels were still on the ground but that was the max we wanted to try.
Peter Vaz, President and Owner of World Wide Forklift and Phil Harden of Cobalt Boats
Peter Vaz, President and Owner
Worldwide Forklifts,
Ft. Lauderdale Fl.
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Other examples of Load Testing
Load Testing a 5,000Lb Toyota Forklift
Load Testing a 12,000Lb Hyster
We load test every reconditioned forklift at Worldwide before shipping it to make sure there are no leaks and the cylinders can lift to rated capacity!
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